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Although few people outside Connecticut know anything about New Haven or Yale University, this small town is home to a thriving multicultural community that includes some of the country's brightest and most creative thinkers. I am a graduate of New York University and a graduate of Yale University, and I call the city of New Haven my home. From hotels to hotels, from restaurants to bars to art galleries, it is the perfect place for a day trip.

It is not particularly accessible by public transportation, so you will probably travel to Providence first and then take a bus, but Amtrak can take you to New Haven by train from Grand Central Terminal, or you can get to GrandCentral Terminal in New York. An airport shuttle to and from New Yale University is available, and airport shuttle services to and from New Canaan Airport are available. Located in the heart of the city, just a short drive from downtown Hartford, it is also a great place to shop and eat. Shuttle services to New Connecticut and New Jersey can be booked from the major central terminals in both cities, as well as from other major Connecticut airports.

An airport shuttle to New Haven is available, and an airport shuttle to and from New Canaan Airport is also available. Amtrak to New York You can take refuge at Grand Central Terminal or you can reach GrandCentral Terminal in New York. TVMS, tickets are also available at the airport and other major Connecticut airports, such as Hartford International Airport. An airport shuttle service to and from New Connecticut and New Jersey can be booked from the major central terminals in both cities, so you are likely to travel first to Providence and then take a bus. Airport shuttle services within and outside New Yale University, but they are not available from any major airport in the city except Yale - Hartford Airport.

Amtrak accepts CTrail and Hartford Line tickets, and you can use the U-Pass for all of your travel, including Amtrak's Hartford Line trains. Tweed - New Haven Airport also offers a free shuttle service to and from New Canaan Airport, but prices are competitive with air travel. Amtrak offers an airport bus service that is only available on the 54 trains to New York City and New Jersey and on trains to Hartford.

A free shuttle bus operates from Union to New Haven International Airport on weekdays and back on Saturdays and Sundays. The service includes a 12-hour round trip from Hartford to Hartford, then on to Springfield on the 12th and then back to Union. There is also a connection to the Hartford Metro - North Line and the New York - New Jersey Line.

There are also one or two trains a day that leave New York and stop at New Haven International Airport on their way back to Hartford on weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays. Greyhound also serves Newhaven and you can find a bus service from Hartford to the airport and back on weekends, as well as a free shuttle bus from Union Station. If you are coming from New Jersey, you can also take Amtrak or the Metro - North Line to New York City.

If you're on a road trip to New England, make sure you stop in New Haven, Connecticut, when you take it. Otherwise, it is up to you to add this stop on your New Haven route due to its connection.

New Haven is conveniently located between Boston and New York City, so the train is the most convenient public transportation to get to New Haven if you are coming from New Jersey, New England or New Hampshire. If you are coming from or from New York, you have a choice, but the trains are the more convenient option to get into and out of the city, as well as the rest of Connecticut.

The Shore Line extends the route of the low-post road from New Haven to Providence, and the popular route, the Air Line, crosses the state and branches off into New York City, New Jersey and New Hampshire. In addition, Hartford - Providence - Fishkill runs from Danbury to Hartford, through the states of Hartford and Providence and into Providence.

The main highway in the colony was the postal road from New York to Boston, which ran along the Connecticut coast from Greenwich to New Haven, then north to Hartford and Springfield, and then south to Springfield. Some well-known lines include the Shore Line and the Air Line, which together make up one of the most popular lines in Connecticut, as well as the state's main rail line.

New Haven, Connecticut, is less than two hours from the city, and it takes just over two hours to get to its last stop. The New Haven Line trains leave from Manhattan, Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan and reach Hartford Airport, the state's second largest city, which is home to more than 2 million people.

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