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Located on the south and mid-coast of Connecticut, New Haven is home to the prestigious Yale University and is home to many of the city's most famous landmarks, including Yale - Yale Medical Center, Connecticut State House and Old Town Hall.

It has a walkable, historic downtown, is a place for youthful energy, has some of the best pizza in the world and has had an influx of mixologists and chefs reviving the food and cocktail scene.

The Italian immigrant Frank Pepe, who invented the New Haven pizza, a blackened crust and charred outside, is seen here. It is baked in a coal oven and its dough is made from fast - rising, low-carb, high-fat, gluten-free and vegan ingredients. Typically it has a thick, thick crust with a crunchy, tough, crunchy - on - the - outside crust, but there are plenty of options for a lighter, lighter and tastier version of the pizza.

Even if some people find the food a little ostentatious (after all, it is Yale), it is nice, seasonal and good - home-made. The seasonal menu is a real crowd puller - with appetizers like whipped chicken liver pate and fried octopus. Where else can you try fried Brussels sprouts in New Haven or baked clams in spring? You'll find a variety of dishes here, from the classic lobster rolls with puffed shishito peppers to the more exotic ones, such as crab cake and shrimp and grains.

There are options from casual to extravagant, with international offerings that inspire and delight. There are also many opportunities for lunch and dinner, and you should definitely visit Miya to experience an unforgettable experience. Union League Cafe is the ideal restaurant in New Haven - it uses local, organic produce, fish and meat, is award-winning with artisanal cheese, has the charm of a Parisian brasserie and is an ideal place for dinner with friends and family.

It is also ideal for a nice lunch, although the upscale setting suggests you go for dinner here. Below are some of the coolest restaurants at Yale that do just that, while preparing the best food in New Haven. We like the fact that it is right next to Yale University, just a few blocks from the Yale campus.

The modern Apizza (1934) is one of the best New Haven pizzas in the world, and the pizza redefines what is possible in a cake, putting it at the top of the list of the best pizzerias in New York City. From the charred, thin, elongated patties to the crispy crusts, everything that makes a New Haven-style pizza inimitable will be incorporated into the production. This pizza redefined what was possible with cake by placing pizza on a thin, crisp crust with a thick, tough crust and rich, creamy sauce.

Italian families settled in the United States at the turn of the 20th century from the country's diaspora, and New Haven became home to three of them. These three families left a legacy that inspires imitators, and today the Shubert Theater, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014, continues New Yale's theater tradition. The cheese truck has moved from place to place across the city, but its legacy is far removed from its long history of living and working in New York City. That makes it an ideal opening show for producers to try out the show on Broadway.

On the first day of the 2014 New Year's Eve celebration in the lobby of the Shubert Theater in New Haven, New York City.

Today, almost all New Haven's pizzerias have their own version of New York pizza - pizza-style, but dying - the hard-boiled prefer lighter cheeses and appreciate the crunchiness of the crust and freshness of their toppings. Also in Wooster Square is the beloved and supposed rival, the famous Old City Pizza. A comparison of the two is good - covered area, so an actual restaurant visit is not on my itinerary. For the latter, it's the "New Haven" style of pizza, for the former, her beloved Bebe, a classic, old pizza service.

After all, New Haven was supposed to be a stone's throw from Long Island Sound, and Pepe's was invented and recently expanded into a full-service restaurant in the former Old City Pizza Space.

Another dinner option is Zinc's, which is located directly on New Haven's Green and has been a popular place for locals since 1999. This elegant, swanky cocktail bar and lounge is an ideal place for dinner, as it also houses a recording studio - a high-class music hall that is mainly frequented by jazz musicians. Also worth a visit is the diving, - stylish - cocktail, bar and - lounge, which also serves as a fun, relaxed - back-back party. Another popular destination for foodies is John Davenport's in the former Old City Pizza Space, just blocks from the Green.

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