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Grammy nominated Little Dragon have announced their long awaited new album Season High via Loma Vista Records. How to get it: This is the electro-pop band that released their acclaimed album "Season High" and their latest EP, "It's Here," which came out in 2018 and produced a series of side-by-side singles and an album in the form of a double LP.

In October 2019, they released a new single, "The Void," which swaps its usual meditative sound for a jagged ending and darker themes. With winter approaching, this song is a welcome dose of much-needed optimism in the midst of a dark year.

Tomorrow "comes four years after its release, but life is lived by putting aside small, inevitable maintenance work in favor of something more presentable. Tomorrow "is an ambitious album that evokes a feeling of the spirit - and a listener's stimulation for care and a deep understanding of the human condition. In addition to working on "Remind Me Tomorrow," Van Etten explores her personal journey of self-discovery - through songwriting and music.

There is a wise sense of distorted time and perspective, and it turns out that making something out of next to nothing is the most needed year of the year - which is always heartbreaking, but also a double sword that rises.

Dust Control and Idea of Success start with booming guitars and growling bass, before the drums push everything forward. There is a rhythm that creeps in, sometimes takes hold and sometimes breaks out as the song gains in intensity and Thabisa uses her voice to form the entire chorus. Van Etten shows us the city, which moves with shining eyes, hears the elders complain about the change of city, but be there long enough to know what they are talking about. The musicians are the first to feel and adapt, and they are the ones they can look forward to most.

I wrote the song with Kate Davis, who was singing a demo version when it was in its infancy, and we shared a studio room with someone who had a synthesizer and an organ. When I was not working on the score, I moved towards the keys to clear my head, but I had to step back and work with a producer. I wrote it at home on the piano and I couldn't let go of the recording, so I had to write it. As I prepared and finished the songs, I found myself expressing the bright future that was presented to me.

The dynamic live act has taken them around the world, taking them on tour to countries as diverse as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Season High is produced by Little Dragon, with a mix of electronics, folk, jazz, rock, pop, blues, hip-hop and more. Drawing on a wildly eclectic palette of influences, they blend lush soundscapes and string arrangements with rich textures and hypnotic storytelling.

The bookshop, the performance and meeting place closed its doors for the last time last year, but its spirit seems to live on. Never Get Be Cool, "which won the lease for recording" Live. " The Dust Control album marks the first of so many recordings we've seen in the history of the New Haven Music Hall.

The song "Remind Me Tomorrow" takes us back to Van Etten's original demo with John Congleton's arrangement, and the title track "Reind Me Tomorrow" takes us back to her original demos, but this time she uses a live performance of all three songs to present a venue that can't be too different from the audience she personally enjoyed. From there he concentrated more on drums and immersed himself in the discovery of pan-African rhythms and sounds, travelling from Mozambique to Zimbabwe and finding musical inspiration along the way. In his first appearance at New Haven Music Hall in more than a decade, Congleton helped reverse the distinctive Sharon VanEtten relationship with his guitar work and make it a more pop-rock sound.

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VISTA is the strange outing that takes the listener into a world of its own. For a band based on deep friendship, it's a really frustrating compromise, with four strong Willeds.

Sharon Van Etten pursues a driving, dark mood that illuminates the edges of her music, and it is in all its force. The demo version of "Comeback Kid" was originally a piano ballad, but it became a menacing anthem, driven by the fact that she didn't want it to be beautiful. There is a tension throughout the song, a painful, attentive realism and radiant lightness merged with a new love. Screen "is written in the same way as the first two songs of the album, except for the title track.

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