New Haven Connecticut Intercontinental Hotel

London is in the global spotlight this summer as Hilton prepares to open the world's first intercontinental hotel in New Haven, Connecticut - the first of its kind.

The opening is scheduled for 2023 and will be part of the Hilton New Haven Hotel Group, the first of its kind in the US and the world's first intercontinental hotel outside London. The property will be established as a joint venture between Hilton International and Hilton Connecticut, a subsidiary of Hilton Hotels & Resorts International, and will be opened on a 10,000 square foot retail space and 1,500 hotel rooms.

Located in downtown Easton, PA in the Lehigh Valley, the Bank Street Annex offers more than 1,000 hotel rooms and a variety of retail spaces. In addition, the Hickory Street extension employs its own caterers, who have their own catering services to ensure that everyone's taste is like Maxwell AFB. The Gunter Annex is located at the former Maxwell Air Force Base in West Chester, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia.

The DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Tallahassee is located on the former Maxwell Air Force Base in West Chester, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia. For others, you can enter the city, airport address, attractions or hotel to find the search results. Distinct, Inc. urges travelers to visit hotels and Airbnb to determine the "distinct" of Tallahassee, Florida hotels. In other words, if other cities or cities with airport addresses, attractions or hotels are found in the search results list, you can enter the airport, address or attraction of your city.

Simply search for all available rental properties, including hotels, apartments, condos, villas, townhouses, vacation rentals and more in New Haven, Connecticut. Simply search for hotels and apartments in the city, the address of the airport, the sights or hotels in your city. See the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Tallahassee, Florida hotel list and the location of the hotel at the corner of North Main Street and North Avenue, next to the Hilton Annex.

If you need help finding an open hotel, call us at 1-877-543-4357 for more information. Hiltons traveling along I-95 will find the address of the hotel and the address of the hotel located at the corner of North Main Street and North Avenue next to the Hilton Annex.

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The DoubleTree Hilton Hotel & Spa in Chester is the second hotel in the Intercontinental Hotel Network in New Haven, Connecticut. The hotel, which has more than a thousand rooms and covers an area of 43,313 square meters, is operated by Hilton Hotels & Resorts, the world's largest hotel chain. Hilton has introduced contactless check-in and check-out at over 4,700 hotels around the world, including the Hilton Garden Inn & Suites in Washington D.C. and the Hilton New York City. Book directly at the lowest price and pay later through Expedia or book online at the best rates for hotel rooms and other hotel services.

H hotels in some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, including New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and Beijing, now have contactless check-in and check-out in their hotel rooms.

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More About New Haven