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This sprawling, tranquil retreat sits on a pond - a sidewalk in Norwalk, Connecticut. The Fairfield Inn, the only private resort hotel in New Haven, is rich in history and modern luxury, located in the heart of Old Town, just outside downtown. This spacious and quiet hideaway, located on the pond side of a steep slope in Norwalk Connecticut, is about a mile from the main street and a short walk from the Connecticut State Capitol and the state's largest public library. Rich in history and modern luxury, this small, private hotel is located in Old Town New Hartford, just outside the city of Hartford.

The old inn had 12 guest rooms and the new one has 10 rooms with a total of 12,000 square meters of office space and has a complete bar and restaurant as well as a pool and wellness center. The GrayBarns in Norwalk, Connecticut, is a haven away from the bustling city and the only private resort hotel in New Haven, Connecticut. Located on 100 Miles Drive, Fairfield Inn Wallingford offers guests a private retreat in the heart of Old Town New Hartford, just outside the city of Hartford and a short walk from the Connecticut State Capitol and the state's largest public library. It has 12 guest rooms, but the newer inn has 10,500 square feet of office space, a restaurant and bar, an outdoor courtyard and a swimming pool; the old inn had 11 guest rooms with 12 rooms; and it has an indoor pool with two swimming pools; a tennis court with three tennis courts; an outdoor pool with four pools and two outdoor pools.

Holiday Inn Yale offers a prime location, amenities and personalized service that welcomes you to New Haven. This is a great Hartford hotel, ideal for families visiting campus graduates, and offers access to some of the state's top tourist attractions, including Yale University, which has the largest and most prestigious campus in the United States, with over 1,000 students and doctoral students, faculty and staff, as well as the Connecticut State Capitol and the largest public library in the state. This is the perfect place to make a family visit to the alumni campus and provide a private retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Old Town New Hartford.

The Silvermine Tavern, the perfect Connecticut getaway, is perfect for family celebrations and romantic getaways. Silverminer's Tavern makes it a great place for a family celebration or romantic getaway to New Haven, Connecticut.

Newtown is a picturesque small town located just a few miles north of New Haven in Newtown, Connecticut. The city is home to Newtown Elementary School and Newtown High School, two of the largest elementary schools in the United States. Just steps from this hotel is the Silvermine Tavern, the perfect place for a family celebration or romantic getaway to Newtown.

There are 124 Expedia hotels and other accommodations in a large area of New Haven, and transfers are available from Stamford South to Manhattan. Located on Park Street, the hotel offers the best of the state capital within easy reach. It is close to a major airport, within walking distance of the New York subway and just a few miles from Connecticut State Fairgrounds and the Yale University campus.

This proximity to New York City has proven to be the only city that does so, and over the years the New Haven colony has brought its fair share of tourists, tourists and tourists.

The most populous cities in CT are Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford, while the least accessible cities are Trumbull, Shelton and North Haven. The five Connecticut cities that made the list all have an average walk score of 40, and Westport came in at 44th place. Five of the 10 cities with the best walk scores in the country have access to Route 87, with the 169 Connecticut communities that provide information about Fairfield, CT 06824, being the most of any CT city profile. Four of Connecticut's five cities with a "walk score" are Hartford (1st), New York City (3rd), Bridgeports (4th) and Stamford (5th). The best-accessible cities in Connecticut in 2016 were Hartford / Newhaven and Bridge Portions (the five cities on this list), and the three cities of Hartford and Connecticut City had the highest average accessibility of any city in the Connecticut Townships, all of which had access from Route 88, Route 86 or Route 89, but only one of them was reached from Route 87.

Updated: 12 / 24 / 19 - 7: 00 PM "Connecticut may be compact, but it's home to Remars," based on 2016 data from the State of the Cities US Census Bureau. Essex, Connecticut, is located in the communities of Fax, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Bridgeport and Hartford Townships.

Essex, a basically colonial town on the Connecticut River, was the first stop on the itinerary of travelers who traveled through in 1776. Essex is located on Middlesex County's historic Main Street, offering a variety of restaurants and shopping opportunities. It also houses the Connecticut River Museum. Smokeed, "which can be seen from the bridge over the river in front of the Essex County Courthouse in Essex, Connecticut.

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