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New Haven was founded in 1638 by English Puritans at the mouth of the Quinnipiac River and is today the largest city in Connecticut and the second largest in the USA after New York City. Today, the Shubert Theater, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014, continues its theater tradition, and its proximity to the Yale University campus makes it an ideal opening for producers to try out shows before they open on Broadway. In recent decades, "New Haven" has been synonymous with a variety of musicals, dramas, comedies, operas, plays, concerts and other theatrical events.

It was here that Italian immigrant Frank Pepe was born, who pioneered the New Haven pizza - a blackened crust. It is fired in a coal oven and typically has a charred outer skin and a crispy inner skin. There are many variations, such as the pizza "New Haven Style" with cheese and tomato sauce or the traditional "New Haven Style."

There is a whole section of the menu dedicated to traditional New Haven dishes such as pizza, pasta, pasta, salads and sandwiches. Here you can enjoy Italian tapas, a wide selection of dishes and a wide selection of pasta. Every dish is small, which means that you can try anything you like.

Where else can you dive into an immaculately crisp falafel stuffed with delicious beef cooked to perfection at 2.30am. You should also not miss the cheese truck, where you can get a taste of what you can find on the "cheese truck" and then on some others. If you want to put your cherry spinach claws on, this upscale Yale staple will deliver on that promise. Where else in New Haven can I try fried Brussels sprouts and fried cauliflower with a side of sweet potato fries?

The Gather in New Haven will also be present in Fair Haven this Saturday morning with a stand with its own food trucks and a live music show.

Sababa and Tikkaway Grill are inexpensive restaurants in their own style, with falafel and Indian wraps respectively. The same people who run the Cheese Truck also run the Caseus Cafe, a cavernous restaurant where you sit down to eat and pick from a variety of local, local and regional foods, as well as some of the best craft beer New Haven has to offer.

Another dinner option is Zinc's, which is located directly on New Haven's Green and has been a popular place since 1999. The modern Apizza 1934 is one of the most popular pizzeria in town, and here I ate my first slice of white clams pizza.

The restaurant is known for its ever-changing unique menus, and here you'll find everything from baked clams from Connecticut to sparkling shishito peppers. The seasonal menu is a real crowd puller - with appetizers like whipped chicken liver pate and fried octopus. Other menu items that are truly sublime and American - inspired by traditional street food - include the excellent sweet potato dosa stuffed with goat cheese, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.

If you already love Indian food and are interested in a modern touch, this is the restaurant for you. No article about the best restaurants in New Haven would be complete without mentioning Frank Pepe's original pizzeria Napoletana. If you don't know the "New Haven - style" pizza, it's worth discovering - especially if you consider yourself a pizza lover.

The Union League Cafe is ideal for a nice lunch, although the upscale setting suggests you're going for dinner here. I like the fact that it is right next to the New Haven Public Library and just a few blocks from downtown.

A popular destination for fine dining is John Davenport's in the Wooster Square neighborhood, just blocks from the New Haven Public Library. The soul of Cuba is my thing - to see in New Hartford if I want an exquisite Cubano sandwich, and the shredded flank steak with spicy salsa verde sauce is also delicious. A popular supposed rival for Soul Cuba in Hartford and New York City, the legendary El Camino de Cuba (also known as the "Cuban Cafe") in San Francisco, are also in the neighborhood of Wooster Square. The comparison of the two is good - covered terrain, so an actual restaurant visit is not on my itinerary, but both are popular.

Even if some people find the food a little ostentatious (it's Yale, after all), it's nice, seasonal and good - from its own source, which is always a plus.

Find out where to stop and request food, meals and emergency assistance, or find out what food is needed in New Haven County, Connecticut. From tasty restaurants sourced from sustainable farms and suppliers to local farmers markets, there are many opportunities to engage in community activities and grow your own food. Scroll through the list of local food stocks and grocery stores and restaurants listed below. Residents in need of food stamps, food stamps and food bank support can call 203-469-5000.

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