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New Haven doesn't know what to do with so much of what we've heard about New Haven, Connecticut, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and elsewhere.

New Haven is best known for its proximity to New York City, New Haven, Connecticut and the Connecticut River. The Amtrak-North subway line connects New Yale University, the University of Connecticut College of Public Health and the Yale-Yale Medical School, as well as the CT Transit Union Station Shuttle, which provides direct access to the city's two main commuter rail lines. There is also a connection to Metro North, a suburban train, or Amtrak, which connects it to other major railroads in New Jersey and Connecticut, such as the Hudson River Railroad and Amtrak's Long Island Rail Road.

CT Transit's New Haven Division offers 24 bus lines that start and end at New Haven Green, as well as a number of commuter rail lines. In addition to the Amtrak - North and Metro North lines, CT Transit provides bus services to Yale University, Yale - Yale Medical School, University of Connecticut College of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine.

One of the state's top tourist attractions is Yale University, which has one of the largest collections of historical and cultural artifacts in the country, the Yale Museum of Art. New Haven also houses the largest collection of historic buildings in the United States and has many primary source treasures ranging from colonial times to the present day. Founded in 1924 as the first museum of its kind in Connecticut and the oldest museum in New York City, it has been committed from the outset to collecting, preserving and making available research materials documenting the history of Greater New Orleans and its people.

At the time, the New Haven Colony was part of the Connecticut Colony, which was founded north of downtown Hartford. In 1655, Eaton and several adjacent towns, including Milford and Guilford, joined forces to form the colony of Connecticut, of which Eaton was governor until his death in 1658. Some members of this group, who wanted to establish a new state of God elsewhere, went on to Newark, New Jersey.

Today, New Havens theater tradition continues at the Shubert Theater, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014, and at a number of other theaters in the city, including the New York Theatre Company, Connecticut Theater Company and Broadway Theater. Colin was kind enough to put together a bespoke "New Haven Food Tour" that included a tour of some of the best restaurants downtown New Hartford has to offer. First of all, a visit to the Old Town Cafe, a popular place for a hearty meal and a good drink. That makes it ideal for producers to try the show before it opens on Broadway.

We ended our weekend visit on Sunday with a visit to Yale University, one of the most popular activities in New Haven. Yale was founded in 1701 on the road to Old Saybrook, but moved to New York City in the late 18th century after moving from its original residence in Hartford, and its three-century-old campus is a must.

Founded in 1701, Yale University, which moved from Saybrook to New Haven in 1716, is the oldest public university in the United States and one of the most prestigious colleges in America. It is the second largest university of its kind after Yale University in New York.

New Haven is served by the weekly Alternative New Haven Advocate, which is operated by Tribune, the company that owns the Hartford Courant. Selected publications include the Connecticut State Journal, Connecticut Public Radio and the New York Times. To learn more about New Hartford's offerings, visit the city's website, Facebook page or Twitter account.

Restaurants in the capital state are among Connecticut's top restaurants, according to the New York Times. There are more than 1,000 ZAGat-rated restaurants in New Haven, and nearly 300 of them are in Hartford, the second-largest city in terms of restaurant numbers.

Many of the neighbourhoods are well preserved and there are no central common blocks, but many of them are well preserved.

New Haven is also a great weekend getaway, as all restaurants are within walking distance of each other. Connecticut is home to the most restaurants in the United States and the second largest population of New Haven. It is located in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont, but it is part of the New York metropolitan area.

There are a few reasons why you will enjoy a day trip to New Haven and a few reasons why some of you just want to move here. A few years ago, I got a taste of the culture that this coastal town has to offer and enjoyed the whirlwind of its weekends. It describes itself as one of the most diverse cities in the United States, with a host of established theatres, museums and music venues, as well as a number of great restaurants and bars.

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More About New Haven