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What else does this great state have to offer and what else do we know that we don't already know about New Haven Connecticut? Whether you're a fan of walking through historic New England cities or visiting one of the five university towns, here are some things to do in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut. If you've spent time in downtown New Haven, you don't have to drive far to reach many places on this list. From driving through Hartford and New Canaan to exploring Shoreline Drive and crossing Route 169, we didn't want you to miss out on these ten places - look at the places.

If you add a stop on your New Haven route, this will be an additional stop otherwise without a connection to New York City, New Jersey or Connecticut.

Visit a pizzeria in Hamden, New Haven, then head to a good park in North Haven, CT, for a fun day trip. If you are in New York City or New Jersey, the Lighthouse and Park is a relaxing place to spend some time in New Haven. At the top of the park you can see the city skyline, with the Connecticut River and Hudson River in the distance.

Instead of trying just one, you can take a tour or drive to New Haven, CT from New York and take the Amtrak to the lighthouse and park for a fun day trip.

Woodbridge is a city that hosts one of New Havens oldest and most famous historical sites, Woodbridge Cemetery. This unique historical crypt is located in the heart of the city, with tombstones dating back to 1687. The Grabstein Museum and the Old Town Hall and the Old Town Hall are just a short drive from the city centre.

If you are heading to New Haven, it is a short drive from I-95, which follows the coast through the state of Connecticut. If you are heading to New York, take the Hutchinson River Parkway to Merritt Parkway

New Haven is an easy city to travel by car or on foot, but if you want to experience the city as a local, you'll need to catch the Amtrak trains to get even more train options.

If you're coming from New York City, you have a choice, but commuters also have access to a wide range of public transportation in New Haven. If you are coming from or coming from New Jersey, Connecticut or other major cities, trains are probably the most convenient public transportation option. For those of you who have forgotten New Hartford, New London, Stamford and other parts of the city, the train is the most convenient public transportation option in the state.

The New Haven Line train leaves Manhattan at 9: 30 a.m. on the first day of the week and takes just over 2 hours to arrive at the last stop.

New Haven, Connecticut, is less than two hours from the city and is a great option for students, families and commuters as West Haven is just a short drive from New York City and New Haven, Connecticut. With a variety of restaurants within walking distance of each other and a large number of restaurants and bars in the city centre, it is also ideal for a weekend getaway.

re a student visiting Yale, traveling to the coastal city for business, or just passing through, or traveling for pleasure, New Haven's nightlife has more than a few things to do. Whether you drop your child off at college or are just returning from a weekend trip to New York City or New Jersey, it offers you and your family a variety of activities throughout the year.

Originally, the Shubert Theater in New Haven, Connecticut, was the testing ground for new shows before they opened on Broadway, and it was made available to producers to try out the shows as an ideal opening show for Broadway. There is a long history of theater moguls and theater companies in the city, from the New York Theatre Company to the Metropolitan Opera, but there is no doubt that it is one of the oldest and most successful theaters of its kind in America. Today it continues its theatre tradition with the Schubert Theatre, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014.

Yale's three-century-old campus is a must, and the very existence of the University of New Haven means that residents of the city have access to a wide range of educational and cultural opportunities for their children and grandchildren. Founded in 1701 on the Old Saybrook road, Yale moved to New York City in 1801 and to its current campus in Hartford, Connecticut in the 18th century. Today, over 2,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni and students from around the world call this city of New Haven home, with over 1,500 students and faculty.

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