New Haven, Connecticut


A small city in Connecticut, this place is located in Long Island. This place was the first fully planned city in the United States. It is the second largest city in Long Island after Bridgeport.

Places to Visit

  • Yale University Art Gallery: The name says it all, this is a university Art Gallery and it’s awesome with art collections from all over the world.
  • West Rock Ridge State Park: From this park, the view is to die for!! Plus, the ambiance and calmness is soothing.
  • New Haven Green: The center of the city’s ancestor settlers. Many festivals and events are held here. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll witness one.
  • PEZ Visitor Center: This is the place where one gets a guided tour of all relevant places in the city. Also, they tell you about the history of the cotton candy machine.
  • Yale Center for British Art: This place contains the ancient art by the first settlers brought and created. 
  • Harkness Tower: A Gothic styled tower inside the Yale Uni. This behemoth is worth a look.
  • New Haven Museum: This is the place where the regions history is concentrated in one roof.

Places to Stay

  • Ritz Suites Hotel: On a spot overlooking the city, this mid-tier hotel is the perfect spot to get all services spot on.
  • Omni New Haven Hotel: Located close the Uni, this place is a high tier hotel that provides a top-notch services and amenities.
  • New Haven Hotel: Boasting a warm interior décor and a utilitarian out door look, this place is an awesome mid-tier hotel.
  • Days Inn by Wyndham: The budget hotel of the city, although the cost is outrageous, it’s the cheapest in the city, so… yeah.